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Cadaver Dissection Practice for Facial Cosmetic Surgery
October 22-23,2011

"Hands on" Clinic Practice Course for Facial Cosmetic Surgery
October 24-25,2011

Lecture Course in Advanced Facial Anatomy with Cadaver Dissection Practice*

  Fresh Cadaver for Facial Anatomy

  Botox and Dermal Filler

  Hands on for Surgical and Nonsurgical Cosmeti

Fri 21 October 2011
Delegates Arrive Registration
18.00-20.30 Welcome Cocktails

Day 1: Sat 22 October, 2011
Morning session:
8.30-8.45 am   Welcome by Prof Song Jianxing And Dr John Flynn
9.00-11.30 am   Eyelid Anatomy

Afternoon session:
1.00-3.00pm     Cadaver Dissection Practice
3.00-4.30pm   Nose Anatomy
         ● Skin and soft tissues
         ● Structure(Frontal base lateral oblique)
         ● Bony anatomy septum cartilaginous pyramid
         ● Musculature
         ● Blood supply, Lymphatics drainage, Nerves
4.30-5.30pm  Workshop
Cadaver Dissection Practice

Day 2:Sun 23 October, 2011
Morning session 1:
8.30-10.30am Lips and Perioral Region Anatomy
        ● Superficial anatomy
        ● Blood supply, Lymphatics drainage
        ● Nerves
        ● Muscle groups
Cadaver Dissection Practice

Morning session 2:
10.30-11.30am  Forehead Anatomy
         ● Surface anatomy
         ● Bone of the forehead
         ● Forehead and scalp
         ● Skin and subcutaneous tissue
         ● Muscles and aponeurosis of the forehead
         ● Supraorbital and supratrochlear nerves
         ● Frontal branch of the facial nerves
         ● The temporal region
Cadaver Dissection Practice

Afternoon session 1:
2.00-3.00pm   Facial Nerve Anatomy
         ● Mastoid segment
         ● Extraparotid facial nerve
          Distribution and significance
         ● Facial nerve paralysis
         ● Vascular supply of facial nerve
Cadaver Dissection Practice

Afternoon session 2:
4.00-5.00pm  SMAS
        ● Anthropometric landmarks of SMAS
        ● Marking of anatomic features
        ● Dissection Sequence
Cadaver Dissection Practice

*Information for Registration:
 Two registrees practice one cadaver head, half and half. Registration limited to 20 participants.

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"Hands on" Clinic Practice Course for Facial Cosmetic Surgery

Day 3-4: 24-25 October,2011

Live Surgical Demonstration and "Hands-On" Tuition in Facial Cosmetic Surgery,which is included:blepharoplasty(upper and lower), rhinoplasty (augmentation, reduction and reshape tip of nose), face lift (full face lift, middle and lower face lift, neck lift, mini face lift),injection cosmetic(Botox, fillers) and so on.

This is a two-day operating theatre session with live patients, where the techniques of blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty and face-lifting will be demonstrated, with further opportunity for detailed "hands-on" experience under the supervision of internationally renowned surgeons.*

*Registration for "hands-on" experience is limited to 8 participants who must have a surgical qualification in China or recognised overseas equivalent.

A Certificate of Attendance will be awarded by Second Military Medical University, Tongji University and ACCS to delegates who complete the Course.

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